A healthy church in every community of poverty

Help train and equip church leaders and workers to serve the urban poor

95% of church leaders are not trained for formal ministry

Dedicated leaders are under­-equipped and under-trained to take on the sustained challenges in urban contexts.

Your generosity helps leaders create healthy, thriving churches in poor neighborhoods.

We understand what it takes to create healthy, sustainable churches

We’ve spent the last 50 years ministering in the urban communities served by our core programs.

Read the stories of World Impact ministry partners transforming their communities with the love of Jesus.

Affordable, accessible, and effective ministry training is non-negotiable for pastors

Church leaders with no formal theological training want to reach their cities with the Gospel by creating healthy churches that help individuals, families, and neighborhoods.

To do that, they need a full spectrum of training designed for urban work. The problem is this kind of training is not offered in a typical seminary setting.

A lack of training leaves local church leaders frustrated, overwhelmed, and burned-out. We believe church leaders deserve accessible, affordable, and effective training to establish healthy churches in poor communities.

We’ve helped pastors and workers from around the world receive training that transforms their ministry and their communities.

Your generosity helps urban ministry leaders get trained, discipled, and lead their own ministries.

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Pastors are empowered to lead healthy churches in every community of poverty.
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