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We come alongside church leaders with ministry training to build their local church.

For more than 50 years, we’ve affirmed the call and vocation of local urban church pastors and ministry leaders who want to transform their cities through the Gospel.

We have a vision to see a healthy church in every community of poverty.

Inside the Urban Church: How Local Congregations Engage With and Impact Their Communities

Operating within dense and diverse neighborhoods creates a special opportunity for up-close and lived-out ministry—as well as some unique challenges.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Barna Group to create a new research report.

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Inside the Urban Church: How Local Congregations Engage With and Impact Their Communities Report Cover.

Our Core Programs

Get to know World Impact and how we equip and support our Partners.

Church-Based Seminary

Multiply disciples and develop leaders by starting a training center in your church, parachurch, prison, or denomination as a satellite of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) Church-Based Seminary.

Your support can provide much needed trauma healing training.

Trauma Healing

World Impact’s Trauma Healing exists to equip churches, ministry networks, and denominations with the mental health and biblical resources needed to lead others to receive healing and freedom from trauma.

Urban Church Planting

Equip leaders from your movement, denomination, ministry network, or church to train church plant teams to establish new churches in their context by offering Evangel Schools of Urban Church Planting.

Prison Ministry

With training, men and women who have experienced incarceration can be powerful agents to advance God’s Kingdom in and through your local church.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

World Impact does just that … impacts lives! Partnering with World Impact is an honor and a privilege, and I look forward to many more years of equipping and empowering the urban community to unashamedly represent Jesus Christ."
Tshlaine W.
Ministry Partner
"The Church-Based Seminary classes we have taken through World Impact have helped us by giving us more love for the people we serve and giving us the skills to grow in knowledge as we teach the classes in our church."
Carlos and Lily V.
Ministry Partners
"We must be trained in the Gospel. We cannot go on our own theologies. We can't go on just traditions and beliefs. It must be the unadulterated Gospel. I got that from the Urban Ministry and World Impact, I am thankful and I'm grateful for what they've done, because it just allowed me and the group of people that I served with, to go out into the community and be grateful God."
Rev. Ray J
Ministry Partner

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