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A Teacher and a Friend

I am a teacher: I tie shoe laces, break up and reconcile fights, plan lessons like a well-oiled machine… But at the end of the day, my biggest hope is that I am a friend.

Wichita Mobile Dental Clinic Brings Smiles

The needs of the homeless are numerous and often undocumented… Often homeless men and women go to the ER and receive minimal care or stop in a clinic where they are shuffled through so the next patient can be seen.

Racial Profiling, Thug-ology, and the Church

I know what it’s like to be racially profiled. I believe that racial profiling can systemically be dismantled. There must be increased cross-cultural training and racial competency development of officers.

The Church Can Reduce Urban Violence

With all the attention on the violence in the Middle East (and this attention is justified), we may be losing sight about the violence taking place in urban centers within the United States of America.

SIAFU Leadership Homes

We are launching our Richmond leadership home in just a few months! It’s been an amazing journey as more and more pieces have fallen into place.