World Impact’s Redemptive Poverty Work training exists to equip churches, ministry networks, and denominations with a mindset to minister effectively in communities of poverty in a way that honors Christ and transforms those who are served.

How does Redemptive Poverty Work training benefit your ministry?

  • A turn-key solution to train your church leaders in the principles of redemptive poverty work
  • Practical and contextualized sessions for your ministry
  • Fellowship of like-minded people engaged in reaching their city with the gospel
  • Increased access to other World Impact programs and resources as an approved World Impact ministry partner

"I loved how Christ-centered the content was, especially in a culture where social justice is 'the thing to do.' It's because of Jesus that we do this work. I also really appreciated and learned a lot on the mindsets." -Kristina A.

Get trained in Redemptive Poverty Work

Most Christians do not intend to exploit others while doing poverty work.

Many of us are motivated to see justice for the oppressed and have a desire to see suffering alleviated.

Good intentions are a great starting point, but they do not automatically lead to healthy poverty work because we are vulnerable to our sin nature.

Healthy poverty work begins when we grapple with the foundational weakness built into our work — the idealistic belief that we can rescue people from their circumstances.

Redemptive Poverty Work book, by Dr. Alvin Sanders.

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