India Report

The World Impact international team recently gathered supporters to the Wichita campus to hear from two partners in India who faithfully reach people for Christ.

First, Jacob Christy, who could not appear in person, gave an update and encouragement over video presentation.

Christy founded Fire Ministries in 2018 while serving as a missionary to the Indian population in the Minneapolis metro area, and he is in the process of returning to the unreached people groups of southern India.  

“I’ve been partnering with TUMI to translate the curriculum so that I could use them as a tool to train leaders and pastors, and also believers so they are strengthened in the Word of God and the knowledge of God,” Christy said in the video presentation.  

Fire Ministries uses World Impact Church-Based Seminary resources Fight the Good Fight of Faith and Capstone curriculum to train pastors and leaders and equip them to share the Gospel wherever God leads them.  

Second, Sudipta and Swapna Nanda of Burning Lamp ministries shared a positive update.

Burning Lamp’s mission is to revive, restore, and rebuild the spiritual condition of India.  

The Nandas shared specific testimonies from students about their experience with Fight the Good Fight of Faith.

Many of the students shared life-changing experiences they have had through studying the Bible and learning about Christ.

Burning Lamp also utilizes World Impact resources Ripe for Harvest and Capstone for higher levels of individual training.  

“We are praying because at present eight states in India has somebody who’s going through our training program,” Sudipta said. “We are praying for all 28 states to be reached.” 

Timothy Cho was one who came to support the work of the Lord in India.

Cho is the Lead Pastor at GraceFirst Church in southwest Wichita.  

“My initial reaction is one of encouragement that there is Gospel work that is happening in India where there’s a lot of persecution and risk,” Cho said. “The Great Commission is being faithfully carried out by believers of all ethnic groups.”  

Do you have a heart to see the Great Commission accomplished all over the world?

World Impact is committed to reaching global populations with the Gospel by empowering local leaders.

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