2023 World Impact Africa Mission Trip Report

September 2023 World Impact Africa Mission Trip.

For three weeks in late September and early October, a team of World Impact ministry experts traveled through Africa visiting Tanzania, Kenya, and Malawi.

Al Ewert, Esmie Baker, Rev. David Estrada, Dr. Don Davis, and Rev. Bob Engel attended numerous large conferences, presented World Impact programs, explored new ministry opportunities, and encouraged current partners.  

The team visited three countries, participated in 5 conferences that involved over 2,500 bishops, pastors, ministry leaders, and Christian workers.

They were stunned by the hunger for God’s Word and presence in the lives of the people at the conferences.  

Rev. Estrada shared an illustrated of his experience

“I feel like I was eight years old looking at such amazing people. It’s hard for me to capture in my own mind—how many pastors, leaders, bishops are not just invigorated, but can’t keep up with what God is doing to expand the Kingdom in East Africa.” 

Estrada shared a chronological overview of the entire trip and provided the numbers of conference attendees, background on each partnering organization, and vital contextual notes to help the audience understand the magnitude of the trip.  

Highlights from each country


  • Church-based Seminary Graduation—over 30 graduates 
  • Africa for Jesus conference–2-days, 40+ bishops, 800+ individuals 


  • 3-day conference–1,500+ ministry leaders, 40+ regional bishops 
  • Explored LifeWay International 
  • Leadership summit—five leaders from each country: Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya 


  • Visited Free Methodist Bible College Church-based Seminary site 
  • 1-day conference 
  • Africa Hope 1-day conference—over 100 ministry leaders 

Dr. Davis shared a wise word concerning the humility of the African brothers and sisters

He recounted that the team experienced remarkable hospitality from the local spiritual leaders.  

“There’s something when you can experience humility and depth of soul like they have,” Davis said. “You know that they are better than you, yet they are looking to you for leadership.” 

Dr. Davis also pointed out that the numerical center of Christianity shifting away from the global west to the global south.  

“You can’t get people who will travel for 30 kilometers and be in a meeting all day long to hear the book of Colossians and not have food (in the West). This is the move of God of people who are dramatically open to God.” 

Esmie Baker gave her reflections on the trip

She offered firsthand stories to those in attendance. She shared that God challenged her to focus on the next generation of young ladies who will play a vital role in the churches represented at the conference.  

About 40 supporters and prayer partners of the Africa team came to the report to hear about the trip. Many supporters stayed after the presentations to fellowship with one another.

Juan Carlos Morarie, World Impact’s SVP of Programs, shared his feedback 

“When I come to a report like this, two words come to mind: I’m grateful and I’m expectant,” Morarie said. “I’m grateful to hear what God’s doing through the faithful staff, through our incredible partners, and folks who come and pray for us faithfully.” 

God is moving in a significant way in East Africa

People desperately hungry for His Word.

World Impact is humbled to serve alongside these partners reaching their communities and nations.  

Would you like to join the thousands of bishops, pastors, ministry leaders, and Christian workers preaching the Gospel in East Africa?

You can join God’s movement in East Africa through prayer and friendship.

You can also support World Impact as we equip Partner’s like these to serve even more communities across Africa.  

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