Africa Team Participates in Kenyan and Malawian Conferences

Greetngs from Africa,

Over 1,500 saints filled to overflowing Bishop Godfreys church, World Restoration Center in Nairobi Kenya, for the 3-day, AFRICA FOR JESUS Conference. This included 43 Bishops (most of them were graduates of The Urban Ministry Institute), over 300 pastors, dozens of elders and deacons, 40 professors, and over 50 TUMI students. For most, this was the first conference of any kind, let alone a leadership missions conference, that they have attended.

Our dear friend, Bishop Boaz, the facilitator of the conference, was thrilled that over 100 denominations were represented for a unified event to advance God’s Kingdom in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa and beyond. A fresh “breath” of the Holy Spirit moved each day as the joy of the Lord filled everyone in worship, praise, and dance.

The first two days, Dr. Don Davis and Reverend Bob Engel presented on the theme “Moving forward to multiply” by using an “Unimpressive Method(2 Timothy 2:2)”, by “Unlikely People(Luke 8:26-39)”, for “Unlimited Impact(Matthew 28:18-20).”

Woven in this theme, Dr. Davis passionately brought us through the book of Colossians, to remind us of the Supremacy of Jesus. Truly, everyone was touched to the core of their spirit, that to magnify Christ for the sake of missions, we must go low (humble ourselves) that He might be lifted up.

On the last day, our dear brother, the Reverend David Estrada, gave a rousing message on discipling the next generation. And, all of us were deeply moved, as students from The Urban Ministry Institute, thanked and honored Dr. Don Davis with a traditional Maasai red cloak, known as a Shuka.

There is an African Proverb that says, “When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion.” The Kingdom unity amongst these church leaders will “tie down” an kinds of obstacles as they move forward in the Lord’s Great commission to take AFRIKA KWA JESU (Swahili for AFRICA FOR JESUS).

We hope you can join us on the 26th in Wichita for cheese and crackers as we share the stories of this strategic trip.

Your friend,

Rev. Bob Engel