Breaking the Cycle

One of the most difficult things to witness in the inner city is the cycle of generational poverty and generational sin.  Without the redeeming power of the Holy Spirit, individuals caught in these cycles have no real chance of breaking free.

Graciously, the Lord allows us to be His vessels as we help people break these patterns and live as new creations in Christ.  We wholeheartedly believe the church is the vehicle through which God brings healing and renewal.

Eric West is a cycle-breaker.  Eric was raised by a single mother in the housing projects in Watts (Los Angeles, CA).  He became involved in gangs at an early age and became one of the leaders in the Crips.  He shut God out of his life—depending only on himself for survival.  But the Lord used World Impact missionaries to lead him to the Lord.  At that point, his life changed.  He no longer wanted to be a part of the violent lifestyle to which he had grown accustomed.  He ended up at our young men's training program at Morning Star Ranch.  It was there that his relationship with God deepened and he wanted to minister to others who were lost.  He joined the World Impact Wichita ministry upon graduation and began working with youth and young adults.  He also met his wife and they got married.

Through the Holy Spirit's working and the church, Eric broke the cycle.  He did not follow in his parents' footsteps of alcoholism, neglect, and violence.  He chose Christ and His love.  Both he and his wife are godly parents who love the Lord.  Eric never really knew his father and he was determined to be a loving and involved parent. Now Eric is an inspiration to many.  He wrote a book recently entitled, From Crip To Christ.  This riveting book tells his story of how the Lord rescued him from a life of darkness and brought him into His glorious light.

Tina Busenitz is a World Impact missionary in Wichita, KS.