Celebrating TUMI Newark

We have established the first TUMI class inside a Department of Corrections Facility in New Jersey. Eight men from The Harbor, a Department of Corrections facility, completed their first module, Conversion and Calling, of our TUMI Capstone curriculum. Normally we do not recognize completion of a module but The Harbor is a holding facility for 234 men who are less than two years from release and parole. Since the transition is short and some of the guys might not be able to complete the other 15 modules for their diploma, we decided to recognize them for their studies, memorization, Exegetical Project, Ministry Project, and tests. All of these leaders passed with high honors.

I had the privilege to address the eight graduates, several guests, and 48 other men who are followers of Christ and considering taking TUMI classes. It was also my honor to call each leader forward and present them with their Certificate of Completion for Conversion and Calling. The smiles on the faces of the men pictured above are just a portion of the respect, pride, and honor they feel. Mr. Phelps (on the right holding the graduation cake) told me he has a calling upon his life to be a pastor. I assured him we would talk, pray, and come alongside him when he is released this month.  

What a joy to equip urban leaders for the urban harvest field with the prayerful intent to plant as many sustainable churches as we can over the next few years. There is still much mission work to be done and I appreciate your continued prayers, connections, and support.  

Bob Engel is World Impact East's Vice President.