Central Detroit Christian uses resources to multiply Kingdom expansion

A unique aspect of World Impact’s mission is our partnerships with church leaders and urban organizations.  

These groups work in the city to accomplish the same goals we aim to achieve through our four core programs.

Our resources, training, and urban ministry expertise find expression in the daily work of our partners through the local church and the sharing of the Gospel. 

One such partner is Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation. It is associated with Christian Community Development Association and serves the people of Detroit through education, employment assistance, economic development, and other areas of community development.  

Lisa Johanon, executive director and founder, Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation

Central Detroit Christian‘s executive director and founder, Lisa Johanon, has overseen a partnership with World Impact since the early 2000s, when the church planting initiative began to grow.

She and her team went through church plant training under Dr. Don Davis and Don Allsman, and later became facilitators of World Impact’s Evangel training.

The organization has also welcomed Church-Based Seminary and Trauma Healing training over the last 20 years.  

Johanon is excited to commission Micah and Megan Williams as church planters in the heart of Detroit.

January 2023 Detroit Evangel Dean School participants.
Michah (second from left) and Megan (third from left) Williams from the January 2023 Evangel Dean School training.

The Williams’ have lived in Detroit for over five years and are committed to reaching people in the forgotten places of the city.

Micah is the son of a pastor and brings an energizing approach to ministry.  

Throughout Johanon’s partnership with World Impact, she has noticed the unique quality of church planting training she has received and passed on to others.  

“They have a heart for the poor—I haven’t seen that from any other model,” she said of World Impact and Evangel training.  

Lisa Johanon

The Williams’ were mentored by World Impact staff member Semmeal Thomas and have received much support as they aim to spread the Gospel in Detroit.

Pray for them as they expand God’s Kingdom in their community.