Changing Times, Unchanging God

Time is something we are all aware of, and learning lessons over time is key to our own maturity and growth and even success in what we are called to do. Every experience we have, whether good or bad, can shape our understanding and give insight for future actions. Not taking time to reflect on our experience can lead to repeating mistakes or missing out on opportunities the Lord has for us.

I joined World Impact’s Chester, PA, ministry in April 1991 and moved to its training arm The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) in February 1997. After serving with the ministry for 32 years, I have transitioned with Dr. Davis to serving in the office of the President, with a focus on recruiting, befriending, and equipping a new generation of ministry partners around the country and the globe.

While both of our roles have changed, our heart is firm–we firmly believe in World Impact’s stated mission: to empower urban leaders and partner with local churches to enable them to reach their cities with the Gospel. Our vision is simple and compelling: to see a healthy church in every community of poverty.

God has been so faithful and has met me and our team in a host of challenges, demonstrating
His power and commitment to fulfil His Kingdom purposes and call on our lives. It has been His work in our ministry and our lives, and I want to gain insight from these years in order to strengthen our efforts for maximum impact for the Gospel in the cities of the world.

Thrilled about the future,

Lorna Rasmussen