Dallas and Cuba Updates

Recently, we had the opportunity to lay hands on a new group of leaders for Iglesia Del Maestro in Dallas, TX. All of the new leaders have been or are current students of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) and have been faithful members of Iglesia Del Maestro. We were blessed by the positive attitude and great response of the congregation to accept these new leaders. We have also been blessed by the attitude of the church during our transition to our new meeting location. We are so grateful to our Lord for bringing us all together to continue working for His honor and glory, without losing anyone along the way through the transition to our new meeting location. Please be in prayer for these new leaders and the church as we continue to transition into the future God has for us.

It is with great joy that I share that we launched TUMI in Colon, Matanzas, Cuba. Our God brought a group of His servants from Wichita, KS, to serve together. They brought the TUMI books for the classes to a country with limited resources to equip, train, and prepare indigenous leaders to go and evangelize the lost world. Our trip was immensely blessed! Twenty-five students signed up to begin their classes this month. We returned home with a lot of hope for the continued expansion of TUMI in many other Latin-American countries. Praise to Jesus our Lord and Savior! Please pray for these new TUMI students as they begin their studies.

My wife Sol continues teach and work with women from Iglesia del Maestro and Vickery. She enjoys her ministry, and the new believers are growing in their walk with the Lord. One of the ladies is three months pregnant and struggling with addictions. She is now hospitalized, but Sol visits and ministers to her on Wednesdays after her Bible study. Her condition is much better and very promising. Please keep her and all the other women in prayer.