Emerging Leaders Around the World Need Training

Recently a former staff member introduced us to wonderful leaders from Ecuador. They have planted a number of churches and were eager to hear about ways to join together in their vision. We listened to their heart for training leaders. They heard of our resources. Most likely a partnership will develop in the coming months.

This reminded me of the fall trip to Africa. While there, we formed a partnership with two groups also involved in church planting. Malawi and the surrounding countries are experiencing the most rapid growth of church planting. In most situations, the same need for methods to prepare their leaders is being experienced.

The need is the same. How can these emerging leaders be trained and have resources to train their future leaders?

We are thankful for those that are helping us form these relationships. Often those with the greatest need are located in the most difficult and unknown areas. They often feel alone. And when they see the opportunity, their vision quickly multiplies.

We anticipate that in this next year there will be many similar stories. World Impact is hoping to find other partners that will introduce us to these great leaders. It may be that you or those you know would also be those to make these divine connections in the coming months.

We are most grateful for your love and support. There are many of you that have been part of our ministry for decades!

Yours in Christ, Al and Ruth Ewert