Exciting Partnerships with American Bible Society and David Hernandez

After spending a half-century in Gospel ministry, I am still in awe at how the Lord works through specific
partners at specific times in specific ways. A simple relationship of collaboration can explode and multiply with impact beyond your wildest dreams. Such is the case with two partnerships right now that we need your prayers for.

The first partnership is with the European publisher SPCK in conjunction with the American Bible Society regarding our Bible Blossom tool, a 90-story through-the-Bible-as-single-story resource for new and growing disciples.

While its name is still in flux (Candle Youth Bible or The Path of Life Bible, see the images below), our friend David Isais at American Bible Society hopes to share 14,000 copies with Ugandans of this Story Bible based on the Blossom’s graphics, using the New Living Translation (Anglicized) version. They also want to print a few thousand copies for the UK and export trade market. The American Bible Society will explore interest among other international publishers for publishing in their languages as well.

Also, in August I will travel to Mexico with Bob Engel, our Church Planting Director. There we will rendezvous with David Hernandez, a remarkable partner to Spanish-speaking peoples, and his colleagues to challenge TUMI graduates, active Church-based Seminary (CBS) students, mentors, and pastors to employ our cache of tools for missions. This includes our Fight the Good Fight of Faith manual, Evangel Church Planting resources, along with our CBS Cornerstone and Capstone tools.

This Great Commission Conference (Aug. 25-26) holds promise to multiply our impact throughout Mexico and Central America.

Still stunned at the working of God,

Don Davis