From Living on the Street to Leading for His Savior

Daryll lived for many years in a self-built shack between the 105 and Imperial Highway. For a long time this was the “home” where he and his girlfriend Rayna lived together. At night, they would hear the sounds of rats scrounging around for food just below the crates they used to keep their mattress off the ground. During the day, Daryll would ride his bike throughout the Watts neighborhood making drug deals to keep his own drug habit alive. Anyone who knew or saw Daryll could see that he was not doing well. His face and his body exposed the toll that an addiction can take on a person. His life was headed nowhere. One day, however, Daryll found himself in the hospital with a life-threatening tumor. It was then that he told God that he would live his life for Him if He would pull him through. God answered his prayer and Daryll kept his promise.

Just days after leaving the hospital, Daryll went to Pastor Todd at Watts Powerhouse Church and told him how God had saved his life and that now he would be in church every Sunday. Many people had made Pastor Todd similar promises many times and most broke them, so he thought nothing of it. However, that next Sunday Daryll showed up in church and continued to do so every week. Today – a year and a half later – Daryll is one of seven students enrolled in the Power House Leadership Institute (PHLI) Men’s ministry. In this ministry, the men learn the Scriptures, assist with work at the church, and are equipped for full-time employment. Recently, Daryll scored the highest in his class (100%) on a very demanding Bible exam. Most amazingly, he now leads the Sunday worship services at Watts Powerhouse Church.

After Daryll’s conversion, his girlfriend Rayna began to follow the Lord as well. Since turning her life over, the two of them have found separate housing and are planning to get married some time this spring. Rayna was baptized just a few weeks ago at Watts Powerhouse Church and is now actively involved in the ladies’ Bible study.

Please pray for Daryll and Rayna and their new walk with the Lord and their marriage plans. Pray that God will continue to use them for great things now and even greater things in the future. When we look at their story, we can’t help but see that Paul’s words are true: “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” When asked by his friends on the street how is able to stay strong and not slip back into his old habits, he responds emphatically, “I’ve tried living for Satan and he has nothing to offer me that is any good. I live for Jesus now! And now, look at my life. I’m a whole new man!”