How to Navigate a Pastoral Transition

Tips on how to navigate pastoral transition.

One of the hardest processes for anyone to experience is passing a leadership role on to an apprentice or protege.

This is true of numerous career fields—sports coaches, CEOs, politicians, etc.

One could cite some famous examples of leaders handing off the proverbial baton well and cite many who did not do so well.

This difficulty of passing leadership to the next generation is especially real for pastors who serve communities experiencing poverty.

These churches and pastors often don’t have the time, resources, or opportunity to train and develop their successor.

Thankfully, World Impact staff member Rev. Semmeal Thomas currently pastors a church in the heart of Detroit and is training his successor.

Here are a few tips Rev. Thomas gives for pastors to follow during a transition.

  • Start with a plan for succession. The goal should be for your successor to do a better job than you did.
  • Find someone whom you know to be trustworthy and called by God to lead His flock.
  • Recognize people inside your church who might be ready to receive the pastoral baton. It can be someone from the outside, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Determine certain responsibilities that you will have after the transition—inside and outside the church.

Church planters and pastors know that if a young church (first three years) loses its pastor, its propensity to close its door leaps significantly.

Therefore, even if you’re not planning to retire, a succession plan is valuable, especially for young churches.

No one is guaranteed tomorrow.

If tragedy struck your life, would your church be equipped to survive?

Leadership transition plans also help churches 10-15 years after execution.

If an older pastor mentors and guides an incoming pastor, this will prepare them both for their next chapters as well as contribute to the overall health of the church.

Are you (or someone you know) preparing for pastoral retirement?

Are you part of a church plant team preparing for launch?

Succession plans are imperative for pastors and churches of any age and congregation size.

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