King’s Kids Bible Club

Seventeen years ago, a World Impact church plant in Newark started the King’s Kids Bible Club. It continues as a ministry of World Impact today. The purpose of the club is to reach children in the surrounding community—especially un-churched children — to evangelize, disciple and empower them to follow Christ. The club’s vision is to see entire families led to Christ through these children. In the coming year, there will be regular family movie nights co-sponsored by King’s Kids and World Impact Community Church in an effort to reach these families.

Atiya is one of the children whose family was impacted for Christ through the ministry. Her two older brothers, Antonio and Al-Tereek have been attending King’s Kids for four years. During their first year and a half, they struggled with getting along with other children. Occasionally, the boys were sent home for their behavior. Although they were angry and frustrated, they kept coming back.

Antonio made a commitment to the Lord in December 2010 and Al-Tereek in January 2012. There wasn’t a significant outward change at first, but God is transforming them gradually. The boys are becoming more cooperative and attentive during lesson time, and their behavior toward the other children is improving. They demonstrate more control over their anger and are more apt to listen to correction rather than shift the blame. Although they both have learning disabilities, they have been working hard to learn their memory verses.

Their mother is thankful for the influence King’s Kids has had on her children. We are praying for the day when they all choose to come to church.