Learning and Growing

I have a smaller class this year of just 11 students: three boys and eight girls. Despite what you might think, there are plenty of challenges in teaching this class. There is quite the variety in abilities and personalities. I am already falling in love with these kids. I desire God’s wisdom to know how to encourage and challenge each one personally, academically, and spiritually. And I pray for patience and insight as I teach students who need a bit more support.

Anita is a new student to Los Angeles Christian School. Her family goes to a church that is part of World Impact’s association of churches, which partner together in order to maximize our church-planting efforts. It is the children of these very families that we seek to serve at LACS, by teaching and discipling them.

Anita’s family is relatively new in their faith. They are excited to learn more about vital Christianity. Anita has learning disabilities and needs extra support. Fortunately, we have a special needs teacher—a lovely lady from the public school arena—who is assigned as a consultant to private schools in the district. She visits us once a month to bolster our service to our special needs students. I enjoy working with her and expect to learn much!

Anita and I are learning together, I am learning the best way to teach her and we are determining how she best learns.  Please pray for my class and me as we learn and grow together.

Anne Bolcom is a fourth grade teacher at Los Angeles Christian School.