What’s the Connection Between Personal Trauma Healing and the Gospel?

Personal trauma healing ignites layers of transformation for one program participant.

What’s one critical thing that needs to happen before urban ministry workers and leaders can reach their full potential and expand the Kingdom in their communities?

They need to remove the obstacles that come with experienced trauma. 

Leaders need to be equipped to provide basic trauma care. This way, every barrier to helping their neighbors engage with God is removed. Also, getting equipped to provide trauma care will help leaders address any unresolved personal trauma they’ve experienced. 

These critical needs are addressed when individuals attend the World Impact Trauma Healing workshop. In the program, students are trained to identify, address, and begin the healing process from personal trauma that’s been experienced. 


Whether personal trauma happened in early years or their recent past, it— 

  • Can create barriers to people engaging with Scripture
  • Overwhelms human coping mechanisms
  • Is difficult to express
  • Shatters dignity and destroys choice

As you can imagine, these obstacles will make it very difficult to build healthy churches in communities of poverty. 

But, when urban church leaders get properly equipped to provide basic trauma care to those who need it, they can also protect themselves and help others. 

Here are some steps students of the Trauma Healing workshops work through:

  1. Bring your cries to God and share your tale of suffering and grief.
  2. By bringing your suffering to the cross, you can encounter Christ’s love.
  3. Reconciliation with God, oneself, and others is felt as healing, restoration, and reconciliation.
  4. Assist in making the church a place of healing for others.

Through the program, pastors and church leaders are acquiring the skills to compassionately accompany their members and the community on the recovery path.

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Trauma from Darryll’s past was holding him back from reaching his full potential in Christ.   

In the video below, listen to Darryll’s powerful testimony of childhood trauma that led to anger and eventual incarceration. As a result of time behind bars, the trauma continued as Darryll and his fellow inmates created a narrative and belief system around their circumstances.

Later, after completing our Trauma Healing curriculum and training, the final obstacles in Darryll’s heart were removed. He now says:

“It’s amazing that God is enabling me to counsel others now that I’ve been changed and healed.” 

The cycle would have continued without the opportunity to identify and address a lifetime of trauma. That’s the result of World Impact Trauma Healing.

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Made possible through our partnership with American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Institute, the Trauma Healing program equips ministry leaders to lead Bible-based groups. Participants can then choose to become certified to lead their own healing groups, which multiplies the ministry.

Currently, there are:

  • 211 Trauma Healing Trainers
  • 112 Trauma Healing Partners
  • 750 Trauma Healing workers making headway within the urban setting

Every one of these numbers tells a story like Darryll’s—stories of individuals who are learning to help others heal from trauma, and experiencing healing of their own. 


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