Sowing Seeds

Recently, I was at Church of the Redeemer with my friends from our former church plant. We were pleasantly surprised to see our old friend Enrique show up during worship. I had seen Enrique just a few weeks previous, and had heard good things but was unsure of what to expect from him.

For years I have been pouring into Enrique, but to be honest, I was pretty discouraged by the choices he had been making and the directions he continued to take. I just did not know if he would ever become the man of God he was called to be. After talking to him a few weeks ago though, I could tell he was a little different. He was clearing parole soon. He had held down a steady, honest job for a few months. He was clean from drugs. He was regularly fellowshipping and being held accountable at a support group. His housing situation with his elderly mother was finally stable. I was beginning to see the seedlings flourish from the gospel that had been sown years ago.

As we entered into the testimony time at church that Sunday, Enrique got up to speak. Enrique can be a little unpredictable, and I had no idea what he was going to say. Needless to say, I was a little nervous. But, he gave glory to God for how He had been transforming him from an agent of the enemy to being a soldier in the Lord’s Army. He described with great thanks the forgiveness, patience, and grace the Lord had shown to him and his family. He expressed gratitude for the group of us that had stuck by him for the last few years, in and out of chaos and incarceration. He was real, and honest, and inspiring to the group of believers that listened to him that day. I was so thankful.

Not often are we allowed to see the fruit of our efforts. We are not entitled to them. In this instance, however, I feel like I got the rare chance to do so. Enrique has a long way to go, but my heart’s desire is to see him flourish, become healthy in a holistic way (physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially), discern the unique calling the Lord has for him, and be a contagious disciple-maker for the Kingdom of God. The fact is, Enrique has ties to a lot of people and circles to which I would never have access. I believe my call is to disciple others in such a way that they will do the same within their own circles of influence. That they will reproduce what I have poured into them, which will reproduce in others who will in turn do the same. 2 Timothy 2:2 says the same, Paul refers to four generations of believers in one clever phrase. Please pray for Enrique. Pray for his faith, his perseverance, and his continued transformation. The Lord can bring so many into the storehouse through him.

Photo by Bryan Cullison.