Testimonies of God’s Work

Memory stones help us remember and share stories and testimonies of God’s work in our lives. Recently Linda and I were having dinner with a pastor and his wife, when the subject of grilled meat came up – probably because we were enjoying some wonderful pork that he had smoked that afternoon.

We shared a story of God’s amazing provision in the first days of following His call into urban mission
some 27 years ago. We fondly refer to this time as the quail and manna period, as our daily subsistence was met every single day when we didn’t have the money to buy groceries.

A dear man named Mr. Taylor who owned a meat market in the next town over befriended us in his
quiet, unassuming way. He was a picture of God’s gentle love and care for our young family of six. From
the first meeting, he loaded two large boxes full of meat into our well-worn van, quietly telling Linda,
“When you run out of this, let me know and I’ll have more for you.” This continued for the following

During this same period, we would wake in the morning to find a bag tied to the front door full of
bread. After investigation we found that a family friend who drove for Oroweat Bakery was the provider
of this welcomed gift. Some years later we learned from him that the company had suddenly made
available the extra bread for employees to take home and that it ended when we moved into
missionary housing in Los Angeles, and it was no longer needed.

This was one story that we shared among the dozens like it. Even after all these years, Linda and I
walked away that evening with our hearts full of the remembrance of God’s blessing, care, and love.
We don’t consider ourselves to be unique or special by any stretch, but our hope has been consistent –
that we would be found faithful.

So many of you have been part of this faith journey from the beginning, and we are so grateful for your
part in being with us in countless ways as we desire to see a healthy church in every community experiencing poverty.

Thank you for your care,
Bob Stevenson