This is no time to stop or slow down

In 1982, when the Lord of the Harvest called me to serve Him among the poor, there were 4.66 billion
people living on earth. Now, forty-one years later, there are over 8 billion people. They estimate that
2.6 billion of these are followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yes, the harvest is still plentiful
(Matthew 9:39). This is no time to stop or slow down. It is time to pray and keep moving forward with
the good news that, in Christ, God is still reconciling the world to Himself.

As we continue to identify, equip, commission, and release church-planting movement leaders, we are
witnessing the Gospel of the Kingdom being proclaimed, leading to healthy churches being planted in
communities of poverty around the world. Recently our Evangel Dean, Samuel Hailemariam, facilitated the Tyrannus Evangel School.

Through a rigorous training process, four church-plant teams were commissioned into an area in northeastern Ethiopia in which 0.2% are considered followers of Jesus of the estimated 8 million people. This region has been plagued by civil war which has thrown the country into turmoil. Thousands have died, and hundreds of thousands are living in famine-like conditions. These evangelist church-plant teams will need the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the calling and tasks in which they have been commissioned.

I am thrilled that together we are playing our part in the Great Commission to pray, equip, and commission church-plant movement leaders like Samuel. As we multiply laborers for the harvest field, I am believing that all can hear the good news of Christ and respond in obedient faith.

“. . . not of those who shrink back . . .” Hebrews 10:39

Bob Engel