Corinne Stephens’ Trauma Healing Journey from Student to Facilitator

Life Before Finding World Impact

Before World Impact staff members Lisa and Andy Entz met Corinne Stephens, she was searching—searching for strength to lead her family, support to process past pain, and for ways to impact others going through similar battles.  

The Entz’s led Corinne through her first Trauma Healing training through an online group in 2020. 

“When Corinne took our training, she had no idea how she was going to use it. She mainly wanted the training so she could better heal from her own trauma.” 

Lisa Entz – World Impact

Corinne’s husband, Will, was formerly incarcerated in Lansing prison near Kansas City, and during that time Corinne held her family of four children together. At the time of Corinne’s initial training, Andy already knew Will from his work with Brothers in Blue, preparing incarcerated men for spiritual and physical flourishing upon release.  

Life After Trauma Healing Training

As Corinne reflected on and practiced the Trauma Healing lessons, she began to feel God nudging her to reach incarcerated men, returning citizens, and the families supporting them. She saw Trauma Healing groups as a way to answer God’s call.  

Corinne has since started healing groups in Lansing prison and received certification as a healing group facilitator. 

The Entz’s, along with World Impact Prison Ministry Director Rich Esselstrom, helped Corinne lead her first training session inside prison walls in the fall of 2023. Corinne is now leading incarcerated men through healing groups and training some of them to lead their own groups both in prison and upon release.  

“God’s kingdom is expanding through the work Corinne is doing,” Lisa said. “Her reach is far beyond what we could ever do. People are receiving healing in Jesus’ name and through the power of the Word.” 

From Training to Leading Others

Corinne is a great example of someone who didn’t know about World Impact or Trauma Healing, but she went through the training, began leading others through the training, and now teaches others how to lead their peers through the training.