World Impact Headed to Exponential Orlando 2023

At Exponential 2023, we’ll network with other church planters and get inspired for our coming year of ministry.

At Exponential Orlando 2023, we’ll network with other church planters and get equipped and inspired for our coming year of ministry at World Impact. 

Something is drawing us to Orlando on March 6-9, and it’s not just the sunshine. We’ll be uniting with other Christian leaders and church planters at the Exponential Orlando 2023 Conference, which will explore the theme “Lost Cause: Reviving Evangelism.” This event will challenge us to revitalize our efforts to share the gospel and bring others to Christ. We can’t wait!

Reviving Evangelism: Exponential 2023 Theme

While we embrace evangelism in our philosophy and ministry, it’s no secret that many people — inside and outside of the church — have started to adopt a negative attitude about the topic. In recent years, there’s been a lot of debate around evangelism, leaving many churches feeling like it’s a taboo subject. 

The goal of Exponential Orlando 2023 is to provide pastors, church planters, and ministry leaders with the practical tools and inspiration they need to be more effective in their evangelism efforts. As leaders with the mission of urban church planting, we’re eager to discover the latest resources and connect with others in our industry. 

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Evangelism & Church Planting Conference Speakers

The conference will feature keynote speakers such as Derwin Gray and Rick Warren, as well as workshops led by other notable figures in the field of church planting, leadership, and evangelism. These leaders will share their insights and experiences on how to lead churches into a culture of evangelism—whether we’re building churches in urban settings or not.

In addition to the keynote speakers, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from other notable teachers, including pastors, missionaries, and evangelists who have made a significant impact in the faith, such as:

  • David Platt
  • Albert Tate
  • Christine Caine
  • Dave Ferguson
  • Noemi Chavez
  • Daniel Im
  • And many more!

Participants at this event will have access to new and relevant tools that will help them confidently pursue their church’s mission to spread the gospel.

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At Exponential 2023, we’ll network with other church planters and get equipped for our coming year of ministry.

What resources are available to those not attending Exponential 2023?

A powerful and enriching experience can be found when Christian leaders come together and share their ideas, experiences, and the struggles associated with leading a church. This provides an environment for inspiration, growth, and encouragement. 

If you aren’t able to attend in person, here’s a list of resources to explore on your own:

As leaders and church builders, we have an amazing privilege to join in the work of God in advancing His Kingdom. Evangelism is a key factor in multiplying disciples and launching new churches, and we are enthusiastic about the future.

Unable to attend conferences right now? Get equipped by accessing resources through our website and Exponential’s site, as well. (In addition to items for purchase, there’s a lot available at no cost.) Start searching today! Share on X

Whether you join us at Exponential 2023 or attend church planting conferences in your neck of the woods, keep equipping yourself with the latest resources and industry tips. We are better together, whether we’re in the trenches doing ministry or discovering techniques for doing it smarter. 

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