World Impact Presents Core Programs at MB Eastern District Conference

World Impact received a valuable invitation to attend the Mennonite Brethren Eastern District Conference Sept. 15-16 in Lenoir, NC. The district leadership offered World Impact the opportunity to present each of their core programs in conference workshops.

The World Impact team led by Ministry Developer Will Francis consisted of program leaders and specialists. These leaders helped the conference attendees brainstorm ideas for implementing the four programs in their respective communities and churches.

World Impact Program Representatives

Bob Stevenson and Rich Esselstrom led Church-Based Seminary and Prison Ministry workshops respectively, and Karin Esselstrom introduced participants to Trauma Healing. Luke Raughley taught a session on Church Planting, while Francis gave an overview of redemptive poverty work.

“I was only supposed to do one workshop,” Karin said. “The room was packed the first time, so we did a second one. People were really engaged and wanted to know more.”

A Warm Welcome

The majority of conference attendees were pastors and congregational leaders from churches in the eastern time zone and from several African countries. They warmly welcomed the World Impact team to the gathering. Throughout the weekend, conversation centered around networking, collaboration, and spiritual encouragement provided an encouraging atmosphere.

“Overall I thought we had a great conference,” Francis said. “People are leaving here motivated and energized and refilled.”

Rev. Dr. Don Davis Addresses the Conference

Rev. Dr. Don Davis served as the keynote speaker for the Sunday morning service, and he inspired the conference delegates to recapture a Christ-centered focus for their church. The audience, sprinkled with former World Impact Church-Based Seminary students, responded passionately to his message.

World Impact looks forward to future partnerships and relationships with the International Community of Mennonite Brethren churches and the United States Mennonite Brethren family of churches, especially the eastern conference.