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Sankofa Experience: Part 2

What kind of person would I have been during the early 1800s? I would like to think I would have been enlightened enough through my deep walk with the Lord to be ashamed and horrified at the reality of slavery, of one person owning another.

When the Poor Rise with Christ

For too many of the poor, marginalized, outcast, and demonized, every day is like Good Friday. They live surrounded by death, judgement, and prejudice.

Sankofa Experience: Part 1

Recently, my wife, Lisa, and I had the privilege to participate in a cross-racial prayer experience that took us on a four-day bus trip to critical sites of past and present racial injustice.

God at Work at Los Angeles Christian School

“Amy” was abandoned by her mother when she was very young. Her dad was never around, and when her mom left, Amy would float between her aunt’s house and her grandparent’s house (which are luckily right across the street from each other).

Building Sustainability in Ministry

Many years ago, I sat on the Board of a large international missions organization. At the time, they were struggling with a common problem that still plagues Christian non-profits today: raising enough revenue to continue Kingdom growth.

Transformation Behind Prison Walls

One of our TUMI sites is located in one of the most violent prisons in the state of California. Thanks to the efforts of a visionary, transformational warden, the doors were opened for us to launch TUMI on the Special Needs Yard (SNY), where prisoners are housed who are in danger because of the nature of their offenses or the gang structure of the prison.

The Impact of Women on My Life

When I was a student at Minneapolis North High School, Rev. Jesse Jackson ran for President. He even came to our school and had a rally in the gymnasium.

Making History

Many of us are familiar with the quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” The women whose legacies have influenced my life, my passions, and my ambitions were not “well-behaved,” as society in their respective times would have defined it.

The Urgency of Reconciliation

This week in the news, a predominantly White (or possibly all-White, I don’t know) fraternity at the University of Oklahoma was caught on tape yelling an impassioned, racist chant at the top of their lungs.

Fatherless Generation

This past week I have been wrestling with an issue that has haunted me my whole life: fatherlessness.

Strength and Renewal

One of the many joys of ministry is the privilege of walking with others as they experience who God is and grow in reliance and trust in Him.

Humble Leadership

Thursday is garbage day where I live and it took the simple act of a garbage pick-up to restore my faith in honesty and leadership development here in America.

Goals and Fear

Twenty-seven years ago I took a weekend to think about and write down some life goals. I broke them down to ten-year goals, five-year, one-year, and finally down to weekly and daily goals. I committed to pray over these goals every month.

Celebrating TUMI Newark

We have established the first TUMI class inside a Department of Corrections Facility in New Jersey.

The Black Church and Church Planting

The Black Church began with Church Planting and its future will depend on the recovery of this movement of reproduction, empowerment, and mission.

Beyond February

Peanuts, freedom, and sports sum up my childhood interactions with Black History Month. The month of February launched my predominantly white school into a building lined with posters of Black icons and library displays of books featuring children that looked nothing like anyone in my class.

Don’t Give Up On Me

I received a call from my friend Joe at a late hour, asking if I could pick him up from jail. I was not surprised to hear that Joe had been in jail. His life had been difficult.

Embracing Mercy

Before we joined World Impact in 1993, God called me to the city through the writings of Amy Carmichael, a single missionary in India who sought to rescue children and young women from the life of temple prostitution.