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July Prayer Letter- Keith Wilks

The Lord is moving mightily throughout the World Impact East Coast region and by His grace we look forward to seeing the manifestation of “good fruit.”

Familiar Faces

What a blessing to see many familiar faces during the summer camp season at Morning Star Ranch! It is great to follow up with repeat guests. We are privileged to have family and friends volunteer to serve with us.

Prison Revival

An evening of revival and prayer at a local prison doesn’t just happen. For days, weeks, months, and even years, God had been laying the groundwork led to this hot and windy night.

Written in Stone

Hello! My name is Maria and I am in eighth grade at Los Angeles Christian School.

Dr. Alvin Sanders Transitions to World Impact

World Impact, Inc, a mission organization empowering the urban poor since 1971, has announced the selection of Reverend Dr. Alvin Sanders as its new Senior Vice President of Ministry Mobilization and Vice President of the Midwest Region

A Return Investment of the Heart

Fifteen years ago, I was asked to help our college interns set up and run Bible clubs in a relatively new ministry area on the outskirts of Wichita.

Connecting with the Community

Our two primary areas of responsibility with our ministry in Newark are Newark Christian School (NCS) and World Impact Community Church.

Hip-Hop Church Planting and Flavor Fest

As I packed my bag to head to Tampa, I double checked that I had everything: newsletters, TUMI brochures, World Impact signage, pens, business cards—check, check, check. Then I got on a plane and headed to one of the most unique and hype conferences of the year: Flavor Fest.

Hope in Prison; Hope in Christ

At TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute), we have seen examples of this “principle of reversal” time and again, so we expect the Lord to continue to do great things among the students in our satellite program, particularly among the more than 1000 who are incarcerated.

Missio Dei and and Missional Partnerships

When I consider Missional Partnerships I’m reminded that we as individuals, as a community, and as an organization are partnered up with the Holy Spirit on Missio Dei.

Feed the Hungry

I didn’t know Charlene. I never met her. She was someone my wife Laura and our kids met outside the grocery store one morning on their way to pick up some odds and ends.

Developing Missional Partnerships

One of the blessings I have in connecting with a wide variety of churches around the country is seeing the ways they are making a difference in their surrounding communities.

A Servant’s Heart

We are happy to announce that we are welcoming our second resident into the Siafu Leadership Home in Chester, PA. Stephen Rizzo, a student of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) for the past three years, will move into the home this month.

TUMI Expands Beyond Borders

Recently, my wife Cathy and I visited historic Folsom Prison and heard amazing stories of transformation from the student-inmates.

Lessons in Redemption and Potatoes

The actual list of potato foods is not very exciting or interesting, but it is meaningful because of where the bags of potatoes came from.

Evangelism in a Rough Neighborhood

Wilmington is a city in Delaware located between Washington, D.C. and New York City. Wilmington has a reputation of being a “rough city” with high crime, unemployment, and drug addiction.