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Dallas and Cuba Updates

Recently, we had the opportunity to lay hands on a new group of leaders for Iglesia Del Maestro in Dallas, TX. All of the new leaders have been or are current students of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) and have been faithful members of Iglesia Del Maestro.

Providing for Church Planters

One of the most exciting events of the year is the annual international TUMI Summit taking place in Wichita, KS this weekend (May 15-17).

Get to Know Chip Gramke

Chip Gramke joined the World Impact team as Chief Financial Officer in March of this year.

May Prayer Letter, Jennifer Hammond

I remember going to school when I was growing up. I always loved my teachers and thought they were so nice, and beautiful, and perfect. It always threw me for a loop, however, when I would see them in public (outside of school hours)—the grocery store, the park, or some sort of event.

Sowing Seeds

Recently, I was at Church of the Redeemer with my friends from our former church plant. We were pleasantly surprised to see our old friend Enrique show up during worship.

The Reconciled Church Conference

I think one of the most troubling aspects of being a Christian, or being a member of the Christian church, comes in determining what type of line we are going to tow when it comes to social and justice issues.

Prayer Movement for Church Planting

World Impact has a powerful vision to see “The empowered urban poor advancing the kingdom of God in every city through the local church.”

San Diego Refugee Outreach

Mo* spent his childhood in a village full of people just like him. They shared the same beliefs, the same values, and the same foods. Tension was high between his people and the people from the surrounding villages. They managed to live alongside each other without violence until power in the government shifted.

From Burning Cities to a Burning Bush

The initial ministry efforts of World Impact were birthed from the Watts riots in Los Angeles 50 years ago. A few years later World Impact became officially incorporated as an urban missions organization.

Planting Churches Behind Bars

This is an excerpt of a letter from a TUMI student in one of the prisons in Kansas where we have a TUMI satellite.

Sankofa Experience: Part 3

When I first heard about the Sankofa bus trip, I was not quite sure what to expect. It was explained to me that it is a four-day bus trip to various sites in the deep south that were commemorative of the Civil Rights era.

Building Capacity

Many times functioning in ministry is like trying to navigate in the middle of a desert. When building a team within your organization, professional and personal capacity should be a guiding principle in bringing on new hires.

A New Evangelical Movement

I am both a product of the Black Church and Evangelicalism. I am so honored to have been mentored, developed, and empowered by both Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church and Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church of Minneapolis, Minnesota.