Recent Posts & Updates

Transformation on the Inside

TUMI partners with ministries who want to train their Christian leaders, including men and women in prisons and jails. We would like to offer TUMI’s training to every inmate who desires to be more effective in ministry.

The Aesthetics of the Gospel

When God created the heavens and earth, He did it as an artist. He laid out the stars and planets, covered the earth with dirt and grass, and filled the open spaces with water, rivers and streams. He then dug into the dirt and fashioned man in His image and likeness. God Himself is an artist.

The Power of Team

My wife Cathy and I recently traveled to Wichita, KS, to participate in The Urban Ministry Institute’s 2015 Summit, which was inspiring, motivating, and encouraging.

Let the City Leaders Rise!

Whenever I watch news stories about violent urban riots unfolding, my heart becomes deeply grieved.

Missionary Kids

“Cling to God more. You’ll get through it, even when it’s tough.” This was the response given to me by a missionary kid (MK) when I asked him what advice he would give to other MKs.

Our Future Leaders

I believe in student leadership development. One of the core beliefs that Urban Youth Worker’s Institute instilled in me was the idea that developing student leaders is one of the most worthwhile ways to invest our time and resources.

Shared Experience, Shared Hope

It was the end of our annual women’s retreat. I was cleaning up some odds and ends while people were saying their goodbyes all around me.

Midwest Regional Update

Last week concluded our youth camps at MSR Camp & Retreat Center. Our schedule stays fully booked year-round with youth and family camps, conferences, Christmas in the Country and all sorts of small group retreats, volunteer projects and reunions that all support the greater mission of World Impact.

Structured Prayer

In modern evangelicalism we seem to value a more individualized spirituality. There is great emphasis on personal Bible study and quiet times, but set and structured prayers have been lost.


No matter how many times we prepare for the summer, plan for camps, and begin our teen swim outreaches, we are always encouraged by how the Lord guides us!

Making Camp Possible

Summer is up and rolling! July is our busiest month for youth camps. This summer’s theme is CHOICES. Daily events and activities will emphasize choosing Hope, Courage, Love and Eternal Life.

Key Happenings on the Eastern Front

Eight church plant engagements through World Impact Associates have been established in Wilmington, DE; Alexandria, VA; Newburgh, NY; Hudson, NY; Coney Island, two in Brooklyn, and 10 cells in the cities of Paterson, Passaic and Newark.

On the Front Lines for Eternal Life

Al-Shakeem Woodson was only 15 years old when he was gunned down on the streets of Newark on Mother’s Day of this year. He was beloved by all of the people at our ministry here in Newark and he attended our youth group on a regular basis.

Celebrating the 4th in the City

Since moving to the city almost 10 years ago (14 years for my husband Andrew), the 4th of July has become one of our favorite holidays.

My Taste of Heaven

When you stop for a moment and imagine what worshipping God in Heaven will look, sound, or feel like, what do you imagine?

July Prayer Letter- Bob Lay

How exciting it is to see a growing network of Christian workers and organizations joining forces across the U.S. (and the world) in order to equip and empower men and women who were formerly the devil’s recruits, so they can be appointed to effective gospel ministry!