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Prison Ministry

A Prisoner Encounters Jesus: A Story of Faith and Redemption

Prison can often be seen as a place devoid of hope and redemption, a place where individuals are trapped in their past mistakes. However, Justin Chung’s story is a testament to the transformative power of prison ministry in restoring faith and bringing about personal growth.

Church Based Seminary

What is Urban Ministry: Its Roots, Purpose, and Challenges

What exactly is urban ministry, and why is it so important? In this blog post, we’ll explore the roots and purpose of urban ministry and explore some of the core values and strategies that are integral to this work. By examining these key factors, we hope to shed light on the importance of urban ministry and how it can create lasting change in under-resourced communities.

Abe, who was discipled as a prisoner through The Urban Ministry Institute.
Church Based Seminary

From Gangs To Discipleship: Abe’s Story Of Redemption With The Urban Ministry Institute

Here are some powerful words of an individual serving a sentence behind bars: “We plant churches, we’re feeding the homeless, building a community with other churches. We are expanding God’s kingdom together.”

As a result of World Impact’s church-based seminary called The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI), Abe experienced an incredible transformation in his life. Keep reading to learn more about his movement from gangs to discipleship.

Church Planting

The Habit of Discipleship: The Foundation & Endgame

The church is not confined by the walls of a building or limited to a specific geographical location. Instead, it’s defined by its people, by their shared faith and commitment. It’s a welcoming place where diverse individuals come together, united by their belief and dedication to spiritual growth. So, what’s the secret recipe for nurturing such a vibrant, healthy church? The answer lies in the pivotal habit of discipleship.

Church Planting

5 Ways to Build a Solid Foundation of Genuine Service

Serving others is a noble pursuit, and many Christians are passionate about reaching the marginalized in their communities. However, sometimes this desire to help can turn into a type of work that has been coined with the phrase savior syndrome. In this article, we’ll dive into the roots of the “What Would Jesus Do?” culture and explore why it can lead to a toxic savior syndrome mentality in urban ministry.

Church Based Seminary

Changing Times, Unchanging God

Every experience we have, whether good or bad, can shape our understanding and give insight for future actions.

Redemptive poverty work emphasizes root causes and long-term solutions, addressing spiritual poverty.
Redemptive Poverty

Redemptive Poverty Work: Shifting the Mindset to Create Lasting Change

Most of us have witnessed the shortcomings of traditional approaches to addressing poverty in creating lasting change. That’s why we wholeheartedly champion the concept of redemptive poverty work, a transformative approach that goes beyond temporary relief and dives deep into the root causes of poverty. In fact, it addresses the poverty every one of us experiences at our deepest level.

Church Based Seminary

5 Critical Errors Made in Bi-Vocational Ministry – And How to Fix Them

As you can imagine, the challenges of bi-vocational ministry are numerous. Juggling two careers comes at a cost, but it also comes with excitement and impact, which is exactly what we hear from other leaders in the World Impact sphere. Keep reading to discover the mistakes most bi-vocational pastors and leaders make, and the opposing truth we are called to live by.

Trauma Healing

Brokenness to Wholeness: The Power of Christian Trauma Healing

The traumatic experiences we face in our youth can often stay with us long into adulthood, becoming a constant, unwelcome companion that we carry with us wherever we go. For many, the thought of experiencing a major transformation can feel like a distant dream, a goal that is always just beyond our reach. Thankfully, with opportunities for Christian trauma healing, hope is within reach.

Trauma Healing

Understanding Trauma Healing Work: Empowering Survivors and Restoring Well-Being

Through trauma healing work, individuals can find restoration, resilience, and hope. By addressing the impacts of trauma on all levels, we can facilitate a journey of healing and transformation for those who have experienced profound suffering. Keep reading to explore the transformative world of trauma healing work, filled with a multitude of exercises, enlightening books, and powerful scriptures.