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Dr. Don Davis speaks with Juan Carlos Morarie.
Senior Leaders

Dr. Don Davis Introduces Juan Carlos Morarie

World Impact is in a time of transition as we unify our efforts across our core programs into a single vision to serve the Lord and raise Church leaders in every community of poverty.

Church Based Seminary

This is no time to stop or slow down

In 1982, when the Lord of the Harvest called me to serve Him among the poor, there were 4.66 billion people living on earth. Now, forty-one years later, there are over 8 billion people.

Church Based Seminary

How Lay Leaders Can Change Your Church For The Better

Building strong and long-lasting urban churches requires developing and organizing lay leadership. World Impact is dedicated to assisting churches in achieving this goal by offering tools and assistance for building capable teams of leaders at all levels. Keep reading to learn about those tools.

Church Based Seminary

Praying for Wonder

As the season of Lent draws to a close, I’ve been reminded over and over in the past weeks of God’s kindness in sending Jesus, our Redeemer, to save the world. What radical love He displayed.

Church Based Seminary

Great Ministry Strides

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy” (Psalms 126:3). As we look back on the last few months, we are very encouraged with how God is using our ministry programs for the glory of God.

Church Planting

Making a Neighborhood Impact That Lasts

A healthy urban church provides hope to those living in an area that may otherwise feel forgotten. It creates a place where individuals can come together to worship, build relationships with each other, and connect with God. But, is that where the impact stops? What about meeting the tangible needs of individuals and families in impoverished areas? Care can look like many different things.

At Exponential 2023, we’ll network with other church planters and get inspired for our coming year of ministry.

World Impact Headed to Exponential Orlando 2023

Something is drawing us to Orlando on March 6-9, and it’s not just the sunshine. We’ll be uniting with other Christian leaders and church planters at the Exponential Orlando 2023 Conference, which will explore the theme “Lost Cause: Reviving Evangelism.” This event will challenge us to revitalize our efforts to share the gospel and bring others to Christ. We can’t wait!

Church Based Seminary

4 Simple Steps to Increase Your Bible Literacy

Faithful people sometimes misinterpret scriptures or take verses out of context. It’s also not unusual to witness readers ignore challenging passages of the Bible. These examples of biblical illiteracy among readers of God’s word can greatly impact how you and I work out our faith and serve one other here on earth. But how does that affect organizations like World Impact? Keep reading to discover the connection.


Trauma Healing is Helping Many

“Usually, I am the one who gets a counselor and now I am the one who can ask the stuff, not be the counselor, but have answers from a biblical perspective.” – Felipe